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BT4.2 BLE Module:HY-40R204W

Product Type: HY-40R201W

Modulation mode: GFSK

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE protocolSupport bluetooth 5

Size: 16.6*11.59 *2/ 2.6(With shield case)mm

antenna type:metal Wire antenna

Pin Number:16 pin(10 GPIO)

Communication Interface: UART / SPI

Transmission distance: 120 meters

Operating voltage: 2.4-3.6V (DC)

Role type (required factory setting): Slave / Master

Operating mode (required factory setting): Slave Mode / Host Mode / Broadcast Mode (Beacon)

Single link feature: The maximum transfer rate of 12K / S (need to Bluetooth 4.2 or more)

Multi-link feature:The module can be connected by four hosts but can not simultaneously send data to the four hosts which need to select the channel

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> HY-40R204W low energy single-mode Bluetooth module is for low-power sensors and nearby single-mode equipment.

> HY-40R204W offers all Bluetooth low energy features: radio, stack, profiles and application space for developer applications. The module also provides flexible hardware interfaces to connect sensors. 

> The HY-40R204W has a programmable ARM-Cortex-M3 processor (80KB of available application code space) that developers can use for add-on functions ' development and embed a complete application. 

> HY-40R204W can be powered directly with a standard 3V coin cell batteries or a pair of AAA batteries, consuming only 0.15uA in the lowest power shutdown mode and waking up in a few microseconds.

1,> Bluetooth module transmits transparently in slave mode, with single link version and multi-link version.

Single link version: The module can only be connected with a Bluetooth host. Each packet can up to 248 bytes while in the large packet data transmission. Bidirectional rate up to 12K Byte / s, with a 20ms transmission interval.

Multi-link version: The module can be connected with up to 4 Bluetooth hosts. Each packet up to 20 Byte data. 4 channels of transmission interval followed by 20ms / 25ms / 30ms / 35ms.

2,> Single link version and multi-link versions both support bridging mode and direct drive mode. The module will automatically broadcast through the initial settings,then will be scanned and connected by a specific APP. The module can be monitored by BLE protocol after a successful connection.

Bridging mode: The developer can connect the device controlled by a MCU with HY-40R201P Bluetooth module through UART or SPI.Then the module can communicate with the mobile device in two-way. The developer manages certain communication parameters through some specific serial AT commands. The specific meaning of the developer data is defined by the upper application. The mobile device can write to the module via APP, and the written data is sent to the MCU via UART or SPI. When a module receives a packet from the MCU, it automatically forwards the packet to the mobile device. In this mode, the developer only needs to be responsible for the code design of the MCU, as well as the code design of the mobile APP.

Direct drive mode: The developer can carry out a simple external expansion of the module. APP can drive the module directly through the BLE protocol so the module can be monitored and controlled by the intelligent mobile device.
to complete the intelligent mobile device on the module supervision and control.

In this mode, the developer only needs to be responsible for the design of the APP code on the mobile device side. In this mode, the developer only needs to be responsible for the design of the APP code on the mobile device.

*Based on BT4.2 BLE protocol, support  Bluetooth 5.
*Support Master or slave .
*Support OAD upgrade.
*Support single link, multi-link two versions.
*Serial packet length up to 248 Byte in single link version, up to 20 Byte in multi-link version.
*For high-speed two-way transparent transmission, the rate up to 12 KByte/s.(single link packet transmission)
*The default connection interval is 20ms, quick connection.
*User interface using a common serial port design, full-duplex two-way communication, baud rate range of 9600bps ~ 256000bps.
*Support bridging mode (serial port transmission) and direct drive mode (no additional CPU required). Direct drive mode supports SPI / UART interface.
*Support the SPI / UART instruction software reset module to obtain the MAC address.
*Support SPI / UART instruction to adjust the Bluetooth connection interval, control the different forwarding rate.
*Support SPI / UART instruction to adjust the transmit power, modify the broadcast interval / connection timeout / product connection delay, modify the serial port baud rate and module name. Storage protection for power down.
*APP / SPI / UART can operate all IO external expansion.
*Support for connection status, broadcast status prompt pin / normal IO flexible configuration.
*Support status output pin flexible configuration..
*Up to 24 bidirectional programmable IO, external interrupt will lead to input detection, low power operation. (Lighting control, remote control toys, and other input and output switch applications).
*Ultra low power standby mode.
*Support command communication and data communication to switch freely.
*Support for APP / UART / SPI free switching. Adjust the different transmission sensitivity to achieve the application of distance adjustment for TX power and RX gain.
*Support for APP / UART / SPI free on / off broadcast for true deep sleep.
*Support all IO read/write or level output.
*Support APP / UART / SPI command to clear the data cache, refused to receive data.

Bluetooth Features
Modulation Mode:GFSK
Bluetooth Version:BT4.2 BLE protocol Support Bluetooth 5
Frequency Range:2400-2483.5MHZ(2.4G ISM Band)
Transmit Power:-23-+5dBm(The user can be programmed by software)
Receiving sensitivity:-95dBm typ
Antenna Options:metal Wire Antenna
Transmission Rate:12KB/S (no encryption single connection single packet is 248Byte/20ms)
                           1KB/S (no encrypted can be connected by four hosts single packet is 20Byte/20ms)
Transmission Distance:120M(The actual distance is subject to the test environment)
Baud rate: 9600-256000 bps (default 256000 bps)

Hardware Parameters
Data Interface:UART/SPI
Chip package size: 4*4
Shield: Optional
Audio Port:None
Operating Voltage:2.4-3.6V DC
Ripple Voltage:100mVp-p (max)
Working Current:Active-Mode RX: 5.9 mA max
                         Active-Mode TX at 0 dBm: 6.1 mA max
                         Active-Mode TX at +5 dBm: 9.1 mA max
                         Standby: 3.54μA avg
                         Active-Mode: 2.75 mA avg
Operating temperature:-40℃-+85℃
storage temperature:-40℃-+100℃

Size:16.6*11.59*2/2.6(With shield case)mm

Software Parameters
Role type(Required factory setting):Master/Slave
Operating mode (required factory setting): Host mode / Slave mode / Broadcast mode (Beacon)
Single-link features: The maximum transmission rate of 12KB / S (need to Bluetooth 4.2 or more)
Multi-connected features: Can be connected by four hosts at the same time. The module can not simultaneously send data to the four hosts.It need to select the channel.
Command structure: AT command (see data sheet for details)
Secondary development:Support customer secondary development,Provide SDK toolkit
APP SDK: Provides IOS BLE API and Android BLE API
Functional application development:Support customization

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