BT4.1 BLE module HY-264018

Product Number:HY-264018
Modulation Mode:GFSK
Wireless standard:Bluetooth 4.1 BLE protocol
Antenna Type:On-board antenna / External antenna
Size:17.86 * 11.63 * 2mm
Communication Interface:UART / SPI
Transmission Distance:80M(open distance)
Operating Voltage:1.8-3.8 VDC
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HY-264018 is a low-power BLE module to support Bluetooth 4.1 BLE protocol (compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 BLE). The model of the module can make the traditional serial device or MCU control of the device for wireless data transmission. As a Bluetooth 4.0 BLE protocol based on the CC2541 chip series of products to upgrade products. HY-264018 multi-core architecture to enable it to have faster computing speed, dealing with more complex operations such as wearing a variety of algorithms to wear equipment can be more calm, but also makes the average power consumption spike the vast majority of the world's modular products, Consumption of Bluetooth 4.1 BLE preferred.

Main Features
·Easy to use, no need of any experience of Bluetooth protocol stack application;
·Support Bluetooth Multi-connection data transmission function;
·Support connection solutions:①Module acts as a Slave that can connect with 4 Masters; ②Module acts as a Master that can connect with 4 Slavers; ③When module Master and Slave integration that can connect with two Masters or Slavers;
·UART design for user interface, full-duplex bi-directional communication, and supporting the minimum baud rate of 75bps,maximum of 375000bps;
·Supporting bridge mode and direct-drive mode (no need of additional CPU), direct-drive mode support SPI/UART;
·Default connection interval of 40ms, which make quick connection.With the increase of connected devices, connected devices connection interval will gradually increase after 25ms;
·Support software reset module by AT/SPI command, and access to MAC address;
·Support adjust Bluetooth connection interval by AT/SPI command,and control of different forwarding rates (Dynamic power adjustment);
·Support to adjust Tx power by APP/SPI/UART command, modifying broadcasting interval/connection timeout time/product connection delay/serial port baud rate/module name.(all settings will power down save);
·Serial port data package length, less than or equal to 80byte(automatic distribution);
·Multi-connection support connect with 4 device at the same time,two-way connection rate of 80byte/s.(If long time TX/RX data, then support maximum of 3 devices.);
·Supporting modify module name/serial port baud rate/product UUID through APP/SPI/AT, custom broadcast content, broadcast cycle, all power down save;
·Support mobile device remote reset to the module through APP/SPI/AT and set Tx power;
·Support mobile device adjust BLE connection interval through APP/SPI/AT, power down save (Dynamic power adjustment);
·Operating all IO extend through APP/SPI/AT;
·Supporting connection status/broadcasting status tip pin/general IO Configuration;
·16 two-way programmable IO port, all low power operation (Applied in lighting control, remote control toys, and various relating input/output/on/off things);
·2 ADC input(12 bit), Enable/Ban, free configuration of sampling cycle. Mean filter setting(Applied to measuring temperature and humidity, luminosity, etc.);
·4 programmable PWM output IO (2MHz at most),(Applied dimming, speed, etc.);
·Module end continuous acquisition RSSI (Anti-lost alarm application);
·Supporting device power level tips/power level read;
·Supporting internal RTC real time clock,APP end can always sync calibration;
·Supporting IO configuration and output state saving function,customizable initialization state;
·Supporting shallow/deep recovery mode, flexible restore user data,and save product configuration;
·Supporting obtain Bluetooth connection state through UART/SPI;
·Supporting low enable and pulse enable mode, and remote shutdown;
·Ultra low power standby mode;
Bluetooth Features
Modulation Mode:GFSK
Bluetooth Version:BT4.0 BLE protocol
Frequency Range:2400-2483.5MHZ(2.4G ISM Band)
Transmit Power:-23-0dBm(The user can be programmed by software)
Receiving sensitivity:-94dBm typ
Antenna Type:PCB antenna(can be an extemal antenna)
Transmission Rate:1K/S(Not encrypted)
Transmission Distance:30M(The actual distance is subject to the test environment)

Hardware Parameters
Data Interface:UART/SPI/IIC
Audio Port:without
Operating Voltage:2.0-3.6VDC
Ripple Voltage:100mVp-p (max)
Working Current:Transmissive operating current:8.3mA
               Low power deep sleep mode current:0.3uA
               Receive mode current(at high gain setting):20.2mA typ
               Transmitting mode current(at 0dBm O/P setting):18.2 mA ytp
               Low MCU activity cutrrent(32MHz X-tal OSC running only):6.7mA type
               Power mode 1 consumption current:(MCU standby modewake up time=4uS):I =270uA typ
               Power mode 2 consumption current:(Sleep mode timer activewake up time by programming):I=1uA typ
               Power mode 3 consumption current:(Power down deep sleep modewake up by hardware active):I=0.5uA typ
               The average working current of this module is less than 500uAStandby current less than 100uAsleep current less than 1uA
Operating temperature:-20℃-+65℃
storage temperature:-30℃-+85℃
Conform to certification:BQB/FCC/CE/RoHS


Software Parameters
Master and slave type:Master/Slave
Default Setting:
Set the command:AT + command structure
User configuration:Serial AT command,Data transfer AT command
Secondary development:Support customer secondary development,Provide SDK toolkit
Functional application development:Support customization

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