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Talking about the advantages of Bluetooth 5

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    In December 2016, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (referred to as "SIG") officially released a new bluetooth 5, which is currently Bluetooth 4.2 is undoubtedly a major upgrade. Coverage, transmission speed and connectionless broadcast capabilities of the huge changes will further consolidate the status of Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology. With Bluetooth 4.2 provides security privacy upgrades, Bluetooth 5.0 will be the ideal wireless RF protocol for low-power mobile personal networks and IoT networks.

Bluetooth 5 has expanded the current range by four times
      A wider range of coverage provides reliable full house coverage for intelligent residential applications such as security systems, lighting, smoke detectors and door locks. In the multi-device ad hoc network, the farther range distance is equally obvious, it can reduce the number of hops between nodes to transmit data packets, reducing the network congestion while improving the stability.

Bluetooth 5 to the current transmission speed increased by 2 times
      Bluetooth 4.2 maximum communication speed of 1Mbps, while the Bluetooth 5.0 communication speed up to 2Mbps. Faster transmission speeds will increase the data transfer rate, significantly reduce power consumption, and enable new, higher-throughput applications such as audio while boosting spectrum and energy efficiency. Single packet data from the original Bluetooth 4.0 to 20 bytes extended to 256 bytes of Bluetooth 4.2. This improvement will make Bluetooth in medical, fitness, outdoor, sports and other products experience better experience.

Bluetooth 5 increases the current broadcast mode information capacity by a factor of eight
      Its broadcast communication capacity from Bluetooth 4.2 31Byte upgrade to 255Byte. Enhanced broadcast capability will bring better beacons to create more location-based location-based services and navigation services. No need to match and connect to achieve data transmission, indoor positioning accuracy of less than 1 meter.

Lower power consumption and compatibility with older Bluetooth versions
      In response to the needs of mobile networking,Bluetooth 5 consumes less power and is compatible with older Bluetooth versions.The major semiconductor manufacturers will design a new MCU for the Bluetooth 5 standard to meet the SIG specification.Nordic introduced the nRF52840 and nRF52832, TI Semiconductor introduced the CC2640R2F support bluetooth 5. From the hardware characteristics, CC2640R2F than Nordic's nRF52840 and nRF52832 integrated sleep power consumption 10 times lower,this will be very important for wearing medical, outdoor equipment, intelligent travel, smart home and other industries.

      Thanks to these new technical features. Traditional smart home, wearing medical care, sharing bicycles, tire pressure monitoring, electronic cigarette, industrial automation control, beacon class positioning applications, etc. can be made through the above characteristics make low-power Bluetooth 5.0 application scene more diversified.