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TTC BLE SDK & Application Upgrade Notification

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    As the major mobile phone manufacturers have updated the Bluetooth protocol stack, TI also upgraded its native SDK to better support the new Bluetooth technology and mobile phone control experience, our company as TI‘s important third party partners in China, in the Service-oriented principles, especially for the previously developed CC2640 SDK, CC2541 SDK, and is currently large quantities of shipment of Bluetooth modules and single-chip applications for synchronization updates to further help customers improve the versatility of their products.

The notification is as follows:
    Firstly. Customer who has been using TTC BLE module and software ready to ship, please update the Transparent Software to version V2.7;

    Secondly, customer who has been purchased TTC BLE module and software has not yet officially shipped, according to the corresponding software version optionally update your design, the relevant technical improvements, please contact your correspondent business staff, we will fully assist. The Improvements are as follows
1, CC2541 software version V2.3: You can use AT command  to open the "quick link" settings feature to solve this adaptation problem, but this is the early function, will UUID: 1003-1005 channel off;
2, CC2541 software version V2.4-V2.5: open the "name refresh" settings function, you can solve the adaptation problem

    Thirdly, customer who has used our CC2541 SDK 1.0.1 version, please update the software to CC2541 SDK 1.0.2

    Fourthly, customer who has been using our CC2640 SDK_V1.0.3 development of the product, please update the SDK software tools  to CC2640 SDK_V1.0.3_20170321_1.a in the follow-up production.
Update as follows: 
1, increased the production test procedures and Bluetooth device info service;
2, improved production control and version control for future upgrades;
you do not need to modify any application when update the SDK, this will not affect your existing product of any features, our company will continue to maintain the SDK part of the driver, but the Bluetooth protocol stack will not be updated;

    Fifth, follow-up product development based on TTC BLE CC2640 SDK 2.0.0, it can support more Bluetooth role, and open more drive interface and support for subsequent Bluetooth protocol stack;

TTC BLE CC2640 SDK 2.0.0 main features are as follows:
    The TTC SDK V2.0 version adds a richer example of the Bluetooth role, which also includes two combinations of modes. Users can use the relevant AT command to complete the function of different roles control, can be more efficient to complete the Bluetooth host, slave and other role development.

The SDK role contains the following four types:
1. Slave mode
2. Slave + observer combination mode
3. Host mode
4. Host + broadcast combination mode

Complete the basic operation through the AT command :

1. Peripheral
(1) to open the broadcast
(2) turn off the radio
(3) to send data to the host
(4) disconnect the host

2. slave + observer
(1) broadcast scan
(2) to open the broadcast
(3) turn off the radio
(4) to send data to the host
(5) disconnect the host

3. host
(1) scanning equipment
(2) Connect the device
(3) to send data to the slave
(4) Disconnect from the slave

4. Host + broadcast
(1) scanning equipment
(2) Connect the device
(3) to send data to the slave
(4) Disconnect from the slave
(5) open broadcast (not linkable)
(6) turn off the radio

    The demo example above uses the TTC BLE CC2640 SDK development kit, the mobile phone APP (TTC-BLE), and the PC-side test software (TTCDemo) to complete the functional demonstration.