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R&D Center

R & D Center

IGRS National Engineer Laboratory—TTC Wireless Networking R&D Center(Hereinafter referred to as TTC R&D Center) was established in 1st January 2016, which was joint set up by Shenzhen Shengrun Technology Co., Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as TTC) and IGRS Engineering Lab(Shenzhen)LTD. TTC R&D Center belong to the engineering labs of the Basic technology research platform, carry out R&D and technical standardization of wireless networking technology in accordance with Engineering Laboratory Statutes of the Council.

TTC R&D Center promote national innovation and entrepreneurship as development concept, wireless network core technology and leading international IGRS standards of intellectual property rights as the core,to build global leading wireless networking research and innovation base as the goal, to offer basic technology;key technology;development platform;application platform;solutions, ets. to the Electronic Information Industry. Besides, TTC R&D Center will take part in the conduction of IGRS Multiple-mode networking technology standards, accelerate transforming and upgrading of Electronics Information Field.

TTC R & D center construction of technology laboratory based research platform to study the key technology and wireless networking protocol chip applications. And ultimately achieve many control devices communication with many terminal devices, for the electronic information industry to provide a higher level of technical networking communications networking solutions.

TTC R & D center with well-known experts from the IGRS standard working group consisting of the consultant team and management personnel, research and development staff from senior engineers have the industry many years of experience in the development.